Friday, October 27, 2006


Humans...evil humans constantly take great pleasure in the kidnapping and torture of my fellow felines at this time of year. Halloween is when you dress up your children in silly costumes, not your cats and if you see us as your children, get help, ok? Is it not bad enough that we are being supressed and forced to lay around, eat, take naps, lick ourselves and do nothing for you? Why must my felines endure this humiliation? There ought to be a law. Brothers and sista's, I feel your pain!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

If only we had thumbs

Ok, it's been a whole week since my human has given me a can of tuna. Everyday, the same damn dry, "organic" crap. Who cares if it's organic, and it doesn't even have color. She buys the "no dyes" crap so if I try to make another artistic statement and spew some upchuck spin art, it won't dye the carpet or floor. I am neutered in so many ways here. I'd consider going over the wall but seeing as she's yanked out my claws many years ago and moved us up to the boonies, I probably wouldn't get very far before I became a coyote's lunch. I'm trapped and my artistic vision is's criminal I tell you, criminal!!! But I'd forgive her if she'd just use her thumb and work that damn can opener on a can of savory tuna. Please?