Saturday, August 19, 2006

Art...yay or nay?

Welcome to my blog. For my first post, I would like to take issue with another post on my "humans" blog. If you have a human, you'll understand where I'm coming from. They sure get bent out of shape and they understand nothing. See the photo below. It is a pic of the wood floor in my home and the political statement I was making that day.

Now my human just thinks I was being a "bad bad kitty". Imagine the horror to be referred to in such a manner. I however, was making a statement on world events, specifically our involvement in the middle east. We do not belong there. The world sees us as a giant pee stain, seeping through and smelling up the place with our big American egos. We have a place to "go" yet there we are, butting our noses in where it doesn't belong. In other words, we do not know our place.

Now even though I know I have a place to do this task, I chose to do it here to symbolize the American way. Go where we want to go, whether we should or not.

Why she doesn't get this, I don't know. I think this stain should remain as it is art but my human plans to have it removed. She has no vision!


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