Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are they making fun of us???

Human's....evil, evil humans. Appears they are making fun of us felines. Let's see here, my human gets up at 4:30am and drags herself to a boring job and 3 1/2 hours of commuting everyday while I sit at home and stretch out in the sun and sleep for 13 hours...yeah, go ahead and make fun of us...go ahead (snicker, snicker).

Cat Saves Mattress

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Dude....this cake is awesome. Get your human to make you one and invite your friends over. The link for the recipe is over on the right hand side under Sites That Amuse Me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shelly Needs A New Crib

Senna here... I got a chick friend named Shelly, well, she's not really a friend, she owns my human's ex-husband so we are kinda, sorta related in a way but not by blood so we can still get it on and everything, but anyway, she needs a new place to crash. Seems her human's old lady isn't digging having 2 women under the same roof competing for his attention (in other words, Shelly is winning) so she is throwing Shelly out...meow...hisssssss! I love a good cat fight, all that slapping and pulling fur gets me hot.

So if you are a cool human with a nice pad and would welcome Shelly into your rockin crib, please respond or email me at TheSennaMan@aol.com. Here's some pics of her. She's a hotty and maybe she will come stay at my house till she finds a permanent place to crash so I gotta go find my Barry White CD's and get the incense burning....ooh la la, yeah baby!!! Come to SennaMan!!!

Shelly likes to play in the hot tub!

Born to be wild!!!

She wants me!! Whoever gets her, I want conjugal visits, alright?

And she's single and fixed...score!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Art...yay or nay?

Welcome to my blog. For my first post, I would like to take issue with another post on my "humans" blog. If you have a human, you'll understand where I'm coming from. They sure get bent out of shape and they understand nothing. See the photo below. It is a pic of the wood floor in my home and the political statement I was making that day.

Now my human just thinks I was being a "bad bad kitty". Imagine the horror to be referred to in such a manner. I however, was making a statement on world events, specifically our involvement in the middle east. We do not belong there. The world sees us as a giant pee stain, seeping through and smelling up the place with our big American egos. We have a place to "go" yet there we are, butting our noses in where it doesn't belong. In other words, we do not know our place.

Now even though I know I have a place to do this task, I chose to do it here to symbolize the American way. Go where we want to go, whether we should or not.

Why she doesn't get this, I don't know. I think this stain should remain as it is art but my human plans to have it removed. She has no vision!